Your Future Is Not Written By The Criminal Charges You Face

At my law firm, you will receive the respect you deserve as a human being. I won’t judge you for the charges against you. My goal for every client is simple: I want your legal problem to have the least possible impact on your life.

Yakima Criminal Defense Attorney With A Record Of Success

My Practice Areas

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Federal Crimes

Whether you have been named as a target of an investigation or have already been charged, I can help.

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DUI Defense

I offer knowledgeable, aggressive representation to help you reduce DUI penalties.

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Violent Offenses

I have successfully represented people charged with sex crimes, assault, murder or manslaughter and more.

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Providing You With The Respect You Deserve

At the Law Office of Ken Therrien, in Yakima, Washington, being charged with a federal, state or municipal criminal offense doesn’t define who you are. You will be treated with the same respect and dignity that you deserved before you were arrested and charged.

I will work hard on your behalf, and we will get through this period of your life in the best possible way.

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Being Charged With A Crime Isn’t The Same As A Conviction

Yakima Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer – Federal Crimes Attorney

Best In Town

He represented me as a public defender and he did a real good job. I would hire him and pay for him. He’s a good attorney; he does try for you and not just do what the prosecutor says. One of the best in town for sure…
– Jim B

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