Federal Fraud And White Collar Crimes

Federal Fraud And White Collar Crimes

Professionals providing federal program services such as Medicare and Medicaid health care are often at the mercy of subcontractors who are responsible for billing the government for services rendered. It is not unusual for a medical clinic to come under investigation for fraudulent billing practices, making the doctor liable for federal charges.

If you are facing federal fraud charges in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Washington, contact the Law Office of Ken Therrien right away. I am federal criminal defense attorney Ken Therrien, and I have experience representing individuals under investigation by the federal criminal justice system or who have been charged with federal fraud and white collar crimes.

Your First Line Of Defense Against Federal Crimes

My areas of extensive criminal defense experience in federal fraud and white collar crime charges include:

  • Federal tax fraud and federal income tax evasion
  • Medicare and Medicaid billing fraud for medical professionals
  • Health insurance fraud
  • Welfare fraud, racketeering and RICO charges
  • Federal immigration fraud and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offenses
  • Internet commerce fraud
  • Conspiracy to commit fraud

The best time to hire an attorney is before charges are brought against you.

The Threat Of An Indictment Is A Powerful Tool For The Prosecutor

It is natural for a person facing a federal crime to begin worrying about his or her future. Remember, the prosecutor has the absolute burden of proof to find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In our federal criminal justice system, the prosecutor is held to a high standard of evidence that the person charged with a crime is guilty of criminal intent.

Don’t play into the prosecutor’s strategy by agreeing to an unfair plea agreement. No matter what the evidence suggests, there is always a good defense and always a way to help you get the best possible outcome. The attorney you hire will make a significant difference in the final resolution of your case.

The United States tax code is a complex jumble of laws, regulations, special provisions and deductions. It is our right as citizens to look for every legal opportunity to reduce our federal tax burden. Making a mistake in the amount or types of deductions you claim doesn’t make you a tax fraud. If you have been charged with federal income tax fraud, it doesn’t make you guilty. I won’t let the federal prosecutor write your future for you.

Hire An Experienced Attorney Today

Having an experienced attorney is imperative to resolving your federal fraud and white collar crimes. I will guide you through the process and provide realistic expectations. Call 509-457-5991 or send me an email. If you should need a Spanish interpreter, one will be provided. Credit cards are accepted.