Homicides And Violent Offenses

Defending Clients Against Violent Crimes

Whether it is sex crimes, assault, murder or manslaughter, these are serious crimes that come with life-altering consequences. And if you don’t have an experienced attorney like me, it could impact the outcome of your case.

I am attorney Ken Therrien, and the Law Office of Ken Therrien has successfully represented clients charged with violent crimes ranging from first-degree murder to simple assault for nearly 30 years. I take an aggressive yet compassionate approach to each case, and I will evaluate every detail to provide you with realistic expectations and the best resolution to your criminal charge.

Building A Defense For Violent Offenses

The available violent offenses defenses are as varied as the situations from which they arise. Self-defense, justifiable homicide, misidentification, alibi defenses, bad forensics or basic general denial are all valid defenses that must be analyzed to determine which is best suited for each unique situation.

In cases where self-defense is applicable, a person faces a situation where serious injury or death is a possibility. Often the survivor of the confrontation is given a difficult choice. They may think that they are justified in their use of force and would like to exercise their constitutional right to speak with an attorney about any potential criminal or civil liability before they talk with the police. Sometimes, however, when exercising their constitutional right, they are rewarded with criminal charges.

I have experience representing clients in the following types of cases:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Vehicular homicide and vehicular assault
  • Kidnapping
  • State and federal bank robbery

Many times, criminal charges can be based on “eyewitness” identification. However, we now know how inaccurate and unreliable that evidence can be.

Start Building Your Defense Today

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