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Focused Criminal Defense In Yakima

At the Law Office of Ken Therrien, the criminal offense you have been charged with doesn’t make you who you are as a person. I am criminal defense attorney Ken Therrien. I have been successfully representing people charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses in municipal, state and federal courts in Yakima and communities throughout central and eastern Washington for nearly 30 years. After working hard on behalf of thousands of individuals, I have found one very important thing common in every case: Behind every legal problem is a real person who is entitled to the full protection of the law while being treated with dignity and respect.

A Criminal Charge Is A Legal Problem — Not A Conviction

Things may seem bleak right now. I understand that. It may help to know that you will get through these. Remember, when the police arrest you for a crime, it doesn’t mean they are convicting you. You have the full protection of your constitutional rights and that is my job. I know you are nervous about what will happen in the next few weeks and months. But remember, your criminal charges don’t define you.

Contact my office anytime to discuss your circumstances. I’m experienced and knowledgeable, and I have a very successful record of helping my clients get the best possible outcome for their charges.

I have an established record of successful criminal defense across Washington. Areas of criminal defense I cover include:

  • Federal and white collar crimes, such as tax fraud, embezzlement, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, loan and mortgage fraud
  • Other federal offenses, including drug trafficking, interstate kidnapping, internet crimes, immigration crimes, grand jury indictments
  • Crimes of a sexual nature, including sexual assault or rape, solicitation of a minor, child pornography, prostitution
  • Cases involving drunk driving, extending to vehicular assault or homicide, license suspensions, reckless driving
  • Violent crimes, such as assault, murder, manslaughter

I work exclusively with criminal defense cases, so your case will receive the intense focus and attention it deserves.

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I offer competitive fees for thorough and aggressive defense across all areas of my practice. Located in Yakima, I serve clients from all over the Eastern District of Washington. Call me at 509-457-5991 or send me an email to set up a consultation to discuss your case. I accept credit cards. Spanish interpreter is available.